A Few Kind Words...


Jen and I wanted to thank you again for your help this summer while heading to our vacation in Maine. When Jen's BMW 740i started overheating on Rt. 84, we happened to pull off the highway at your exit. We were bringing two cars to Maine from New Jersey so I started looking around for someone to help us while Jen waited in a parking lot. The local Ford dealer immediately recommended Motorcars and gave me directions.

Long story short, you came out and treated us like long time customers, not the transients we were. Dean dropped everything and spent about half an hour looking at the problem and discussing our options. It looked like we needed a new radiator, so with some trepidation, we left the car and headed for Maine.

The following Monday, Dean called as promised and gave us an update; he replaced the plastic tank next to the radiator and thought that fixed the problem. The next day he called me again and said he had driven the car while doing his morning errands and felt the problem was fixed. The good news kept coming as he told me the cost was around $350.00, less than half of what he estimated.

We picked up the car the following day and it has run fine since.

Thanks again for making what could have been a real problem into a memorable experience.

If you are a potential customer and reading this testimonial on the Motorcars website, please do me a favor. As I am unlikely to have a reason to do business with Dean and Motorcars again due to how far away we live, please give them a shot at your business and tell them Pete from New Jersey sent you.


Pete Rouillard
Chatham, NJ

Dean and Antony, 

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. I was thoroughly satisfied with the work that was done on my Jaguar recently. The problems I had were repaired, and the problems that lingered from my last appointment were addressed and taken care of. 

I get concerned at times when rather obvious things get overlooked. You've reestablished my confidence that you and your company take the pride in your work that I have come to expect. 

Thanks again. 

Jeff Rouleau 

Joe and Dean Cusano, 

It was a great pleasure meeting you both last week. All is well with the car and I am enjoying the ride and room that it offers. I thought I would be sad to see my old car go, but I am so thrilled with this one that I hardly miss it. You have a truly wonderful establishment at Motorcars. It is nice to see a family succeed in business, especially when it is continuing from one generation to the next. You should be proud of what you have accomplished there and know that you have earned a new lifelong customer. I am traveling this weekend to see family and I am actually excited about the long drive. It will give me time to become more familiar with my new (to me) Jaguar. 

Thank you both for making this car purchase an educational and rewarding experience. I will be referring friends and colleagues to Motorcars. 


William H. 

Dear Motorcars, 

You made my 50th Birthday! It will definitely be a year to remember now that I am driving the Mercedes SLK that my husband purchased from you to surprise me for this occasion. My husband speaks so highly of the service that he received and the quick turnaround to make this purchase in time for the big day. We will definitely be recommending Motorcars to those of our friends who will be turning 50 soon themselves. 

We will be sure to stop and visit the next time we are in the area. 

Take care, 

Linda and David R. 

333 Cooke Street
Plainville, CT 06062 

To: Dean Cusano and the service team 


I have been meaning to call or send a note for some time. In these busy times it is so easy to forget the little things that bless us in our lives. I am not sure if you remember the situation under which we met. My 1994 Jaguar had some major mechanical issues and the Jaguar dealer told me that the cost would be in the thousands. My dear friend Melanie who has used your service for many years made me aware of Motorcars. She suggested that I contact you for a second opinion and I am so glad that I did. Your staff was able to diagnose the issues with my vehicle and prioritize the repairs so that I could manage the costs. Not only were your costs far less than the dealer quoted me, your staff advised me of repairs that were not necessary at this time. I am so thankful that I was introduced to Motorcars. I am very grateful to you for your honesty and the pride that you seem to take in your work. I will be back for future service. 


Marjorie R. 

Dean and Joe, 

I wanted to write a brief note to thank you for making our car buying experience so stress free. I have heard many things about Motorcars over the years and am glad to have met you both first hand. My wife and I have been talking for years about buying a car that we can enjoy on nice days. Now that the kids are finished with school, it was time for us to treat ourselves. We are so pleased with the car. We only use it on the weekends and enjoy traveling around Connecticut and Massachusetts. The car is so pretty and it draws attention wherever we are. It was the perfect fit and I am confident that Motorcars was the perfect choice to make our purchase. We could not be happier. We look forward to visiting with you again soon. 

Best wishes, 

Bill and Sally T. 

Dean A. Cusano
Motorcars, Inc. 


I hope this note finds you in good times and good health. I wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and your willingness to share your wealth of knowledge. It is rare that you find someone who enjoys his or her work as much as you seem to. Your enthusiasm for Jaguar automobiles and their history is inspiring to me. It makes me feel good about my choice to purchase a Jaguar car. I am looking forward to my first service and a chance to talk with you again. I will be in touch soon. 


Richard M. 

June 5, 2002 

Motorcars Incorporated
333 Cooke St.
Plainville, CT. 06062 

Dear Dean, 

This is to thank you and your staff for the pleasant and excellent service you provided recently on my XJS Jaguar. 

You certainly made the extra effort to give me the most for my money. I appreciate the fact that you repaired all the parts necessary to put the car in top shape. 

This is the reason why I continue to do business with Motorcars Inc., even though I live more than 40 miles away. 

Thanks again to all and I look forward to continue to do business with you. 


R.A. Joe Hansen
Shelton, CT. 06484 

April 12,2002

Joseph Cusano
Motorcars Inc.
333 Cooke St.
Plainville, CT. 06062 

Dear Joe, 

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your great assistance in the purchase of the 1998 Audi on Tuesday. Your service is great and the people you have around you are very cordial and efficient. I know we will have the Audi for many years to come but when we are car shopping again we will call you. 

Best Personal Regards,
Denise Wilson 

Mr. Joseph F. Cusano, Jr.
Motorcars Inc.
333 Cooke Street
Plainville, CT. 06062 

Dear Joe: 

It's been over a year and many thousand miles since I bought my Jaguar from you and I feel I have known you folks long enough to have formed an opinion on your company. 

A+, Four Stars, 100% All are not enough to convey my absolute satisfaction with everything you do. From the initial purchase of my XJSC through every service stop I have been treated with nothing but friendly courtesy, professionalism and respect. From you, Dean, Antony, Muffii and everyone under your roof I feel very welcome when I stop by. I especially appreciate all your patience with my inability to speak well or, as is the case now, not at all. You'd be surprised how some stores treat me when I come in to actually buy something. 

The service has been nothing but top shelf. Having a loaner car available is a huge plus for me on those days I can't wait for the service to be performed. And, my car is always returned to me clean. 

The car is wonderful. This is my third and favorite Jaguar. I still, however, have to occasionally look at my tach to see if it's still running when I pull up to a stoplight. It's that quiet. You even talked me into racing the thing in the Jaguar club's slalom course where last season I received a second and a first place in class plus got a chance to meet some more wonderful people. 

All I can say further is thank all of you for running the classiest and finest auto dealer and service facility I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. 

James R. Munsie

August 10, 2000

Dean & Joe Cusano
Motorcars Inc.
333 Cooke Street
Plainville, Ct. 06062

Dear Dean and Joe,

Enclosed is the completed DMV Assignment of ownership form. Carolyn and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into repairing and selling the Porsche 944. We also thank Martha for coordinating the glass repair with our insurance company. It is nice to know of such a reputable organization such as your. We hope we can in turn show our gratitude by referring others to Motorcars for their automotive repairs.

Paul S. MxaXXXXX

Joe and Dean Cusano
Motorcars Incorporated
333 Cooke St.
Plainville, Ct. 06062

July 6, 1996

Customer satisfaction is rarely achieved if applied as lip service. Only when problems arise do I know if there is any substance behind it. The morning that I drove away in my purchase from Motorcars Inc., I was pondering Joe's words reassuring me that he stood behind the car after the sale. A few weeks later I had to test those words as I discovered a significant problem with the air conditioning system. Though it took a few weeks to resolve the problem, both of you made good on the promise of your assurances. Throughout the process, I admit being pleasantly surprised as you applied considerable resources to ensure that the resolution was through and effective. Throughout, I was treated with the same friendliness and interest that I enjoyed when buying the car. As a result I am a very happy and consequently loyal customer. My experience with customer service in general is pretty dismal. It is refreshing to see customer service taken seriously at Motorcars. I speak very highly of my experiences with your business and especially with the two of you. Thank-you. 

Warmest regards,

Dear Sirs:

Motorcars Incorporated
333 Cooke Street
Plainville Ct. 06062

I want to thankyou for the supreme service that you recently performed on my jaguar Vanden Plas. Your checklist certainly was effective in uncovering the items needed to make my cat really Purr! Honestly, my car with now 150,000 miles approximately has never ran so well and start so quick as it does now after this most recent service. Whatever it is you are doing, keep it up! Thanks for everything.

Feel free to-use this letter for any solicitations you may want, we need to spread the word! John Thomas.
Danbury Conn.

Oct 25,1999

Dear Sir:

Since the occasion did not present itself, I do wish to express my sincere thanks at this time for your efforts to correct the problem encountered with my car. After many other facilities had tried and failed, your company stood strong to the task at hand. 

You apparently by process of elimination and some good old-fashioned knowledge were able to repair what others walked away from and for doing that I am most grateful. Problems such as this are frustrating to all involved and I just wanted you to know that I am fully aware of the concern and passion you displayed in working toward a solution that actually worked. 

Thanks Again
Fulton R. xxxxxx

Dear Mr. Cusano,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the courtesies extended me in the way you did repairs last week on my 1985 Jaguar XJ6. Your work in arranging for a tow, installing a new starter and oil pressure sending unit, plus the door window alignment, were all done in a highly professional and competent manner. 

I am favorably impressed with your honesty and integrity. I will keep your firm in mind for friends and associates. 

Thanks again.

Very truly yours,
Paul Anthony

333 Cooke Street, Plainville, CT 06062. Tel: 860.793.1055, Fax: 860.793.1059