Jaguar XJ6 Sedan

Jaguar began production of this elegant sedan in 1968 when it introduced its XJ6 Series 1 model to its lineup of luxury automobiles. When first introduced, it was powered by either a 2.8L or 4.2L six-cylinder engine. In 1972 Jaguar added the Double Six engine to the XJ stable, now known as the XJ12 series. This 5.3L V12 produced a vigorous 250 BHP, some 70 more than the 4.2L six cylinders and Jaguar had to beef up the front suspension to accommodate the 80lb weight difference between the 6 and 12 cylinder engines. The XJ series has been Jaguars flagship for three and decades with an exciting and invigorating future still ahead of it. Through the years, these fine motorcars have established themselves as a dominant power in a highly competitive market of superior automobiles. Today these cars come equipped with all of the safety and technological enhancements that you would expect when owning a luxury motorcar. There are models for every taste including the awe-inspiring XJR sedan. 

The current XJ6 lineup consists of the following:

XJ6 - Six Cylinder
XJ8 - Eight Cylinder
XJ8L - Eight Cylinder Long Wheelbase
XJR - Supercharged V8 (390BHP on the 2004 XJR) 

When it comes to purchasing a Jaguar, more and more people are taking advantage of Jaguars quality and reliability and purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. There was a time when owning a new car had a certain appeal to it. Jaguar has engineered these cars for longevity and their style is timeless. Why pay new car prices when you can have the pleasure of owing a Jaguar without paying top dollar.

So where can you find one? Try Motorcars, Inc. located at 333 Cooke Street in Plainville, CT. Phone inquiries (800) 899-1055. On the web at Motors Car Inc.

Motorcars, Inc. is a family owned business that specializes in the sales, service and restoration of Jaguar automobiles. For over 53 years Motorcars has been a major contributor to the growth and success of the Jaguar name in Connecticut. The owners of Motorcars have an unusual passion for Jaguar cars that started at an age when most children are learning to ride bicycles. Their knowledge and experience has contributed to the success of their international automobile business. They are known around the globe for their undying commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to purchase a pre-owned Jaguar, repair or restore one, Motorcars Incorporated is the place to go. Over the years, thousands of people have placed their trust in Motorcars and I am sure that you will be pleased as well.

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