Putting the "R" in JaguaR

Since 1938, Jaguar has produced some of the most desirable, sophisticated and timeless automobiles known to man. They have a remarkable history to look back on, a strong hold in the current marketplace and a future that leaves people wondering how they can improve on what they have already achieved. They will, I assure you. They continue to be creative and innovative and have found a way to blend pure performance with all of the technological benefits that you come to expect from the Jaguar nomenclature. Safety, reliability, beauty, poised, elegance, are all words that come to mind when I hear the Jaguar name. However, for me, there is a new word that comes to mind when I hear people talk about these luxury motorcars. It is actually a letter, not a word. The letter is "R". In the not too distant past, I had the pleasure of driving an R model Jaguar, dubbed the XKR. This particular one was a convertible, a beautiful shade of red, and donned all of the accessories that were available. Its lines were breathtaking, with subtle hints that this was not an ordinary car. Air scoops on the bonnet, wire mesh where the traditional grill pieces mount and a wheel and tire package that spoke for themselves. Not knowing much about Jaguar at the time, I had no idea the surprise I was in for. A treat actually, and one I won't soon forget. I hopped in, turned the key and knew right away that this was going to be an enjoyable experience. The exhaust note was perfect. Bold, yet surprisingly subtle. I made the appropriate adjustments to the mirrors and was on my way. The roof was down and I was amazed at how little wind noise there was. Jaguar did their homework when creating this work of art. I drove down some of my favorite roads, paying careful attention to the input and feedback responses from the car. This was one of the greatest driving pleasures yet. The car was rock solid and flawless with its power delivery. This car had the broadest of capabilities. It is as docile as a household kitten and as fierce as a lion when provoked. One swift push on the gas pedal and you know, this is not your father's Jaguar. Ah, my "R" experience. I can't wait 'til next time. 

The "R" actually stands for racing. Jaguar uses the technology and experience gleaned from their racing endeavors and implements their successes into their R line of models. Models include: XJR Sedan, XKR Coupe, XKR Convertible and the new S-TYPE R. 

So where can you find one of these performance models? Try Motorcars, Inc. located at 333 Cooke Street in Plainville, CT. Phone inquiries (800) 899-1055. On the web at Motors Car Inc.

Motorcars, Inc. is a family owned business that specializes in the sales, service and restoration of Jaguar automobiles. For over 53 years Motorcars has been a major contributor to the growth and success of the Jaguar name in Connecticut. The Owners of Motorcars have an unusual passion for Jaguar cars that started at an age when most children are learning to ride bicycles. Their knowledge and experience has contributed to the success of their international automobile business. They are known around the globe for their undying commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking to purchase a pre-owned Jaguar, repair or restore one, Motorcars Incorporated is the place to go. Over the years, thousands of people have placed their trust in Motorcars and I am sure that you will be pleased that you did as well. 

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