Cusano Brothers take two JCNA Slalom Championships

The Jaguar Club of Southern New England is normally a rather quiet JCNA group, holding an annual JCNA Concour's and keeping a relatively low profile. Under the influence of JCNA Slalom Chair Gary Hagopian and his minions from the Jaguar Association of New England, JCSNE has taken on a new and more competitive image.

Joe Cusano has been JCSNE's slalom chairman for the past two years. His actions have rekindled the club's competitive spirit and everyone involved has had a rush of adrenaline. Thanks to the influence of JANE, it only took a small amount of arm twisting to get JCSNE people onto the JCNA slalom course. The fact that both Joe and brother Dean Cusano love to run slaloms certainly has something to do with it. They have proven first that a well stock, well maintained Jaguar is very capable of being competitive. The Cusanos say that Jaguars are resilient vehicles that are capable of taking hard driving and keep coming back for more! Second, they have proven themselves as drivers. Joe earned the 1999 Championship in class f with a 1990 xj12 sedan. A 1990 XJ12 is a rarity in the United States. Joe Cusano takes full advantage of the cars power running the JCNA slalom course.

Dean is fastest in the nation on the JCNA slalom in his stock class G 1986 XJS coupe.

Joe is a veteran of 35 years in the automobile industry and winner of several races in Jaguars. Dean has received awards in both Sports Car Club of America and JCNA competition. Both of them find slalom competition to be safe and very rewarding and they recommend it highly to all club members. JCNA members who haven't tried it don't know what they are missing!! Joe and co-chair Richard Podoloff have even bigger plans for promoting slaloms in the year 2000. Both JCSNE and JANE have demonstrated that great events can be organized with club participation. A big plus has also been the participation of Stephens Jaguar Automall and sales director Larry Hartzell. Along time friend of JCSNE, Hartzell has worked to get the club a place to run their events and has also occasionally provided new Jaguars for members to compete in!

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