Two brothers, whose interest in cars was ignited at an age when most youngsters are excited about tricycles, are today involved in a highly successful, worldwide automotive business.

From their two and half acre complex on Cooke Street in Plainville, Dean and Joseph Cusano sell a wide variety of high priced collectable automobiles, most of them vintage Jaguars, these vehicles are distributed to buyers throughout America, as well as England, Norway, Australia, Holland and Italy.

The brothers are a smooth working team. Dean's specialty is servicing, while Joseph is in charge of sales, leasing and locating foreign cars to add to the company inventory. They have built a heavy following and an enviable reputation for quality and performance throughout foreign and domestic automotive markets.

Dean and Joe have had a love affair with exotic cars since kindergarten days when they were allowed to visit a Franklin Avenue repair and automotive electrical shop built and operated by their late father, Joseph "Ozzie" Cusano. As they grew so did their involvement with the garage. In 1977, they began concentrating on the repair, restoration and sales of foreign cars. By 1990 the business had outgrown the original location and they acquired the Cooke St. property in Plainville, converting what once had been a machine shop into executive offices and spacious garage. Grounds encircling the attractive Motorcars building serve as an open-air showroom for scores of exotic cars- Ferraris, Alfa Romeo's, Porsches, and of course All types of Jaguars, XKEs, Sedans, XK120s and saloons.

Until recent years, Motorcars Incorporated hosts the Concours d'elegance of exotic cars, reminiscent of French Riviera automotive gatherings. These events are colorful and prestigious when scores of meticulously prepared motorcars valued at nearly $5 million in total are on display. Once again, coveted trophies await cars singled out for honors by judges appointed by the Jaguar Club of North America. Many trophies are awarded to Motorcars for their efforts in restorations.

On a typical day the Motorcars service area bristles with automotive parts and rebuilt engines awaiting installation in a variety of autos. Some of the vehicles are there for scheduled maintenance, but most are in the throes of extensive restoration requiring skilled technicians and state of the art tools and equipment. In another area a one-year-old sparkling Jaguar sedan is getting the final delivery detailing while the new owner anxiously awaits the keys to his new acquisition.

Near by is MOTORCARS race prepared Jaguar XJ-coupe growling as it is getting fine-tuned for the upcoming 3 day Lime Rock Race track event. Dean quips "it certainly isn't boring here!"

Its Saturday and customers are cleaning their cars in the clean-up bay Joe explains: it's like one big family here, our customers do not like car washes. They have a lot of pride in their cars! We let them use our facility on Saturday mornings and supply the soap, wax, water etc. And the satisfaction of doing the cleaning themselves with other enthusiasts! By the way, we don't supply the beer! And remember; NO BORING CARS ALLOWED! "

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